CORI Reform

I am a strong supporter of CORI Reform. I will continue efforts to ensure that criminal records do not impede job opportunities for community residents. I will work to lobby our state legislature to revise sentencing guideline and support further CORI Reform.

Reducing the disproportionate levels of Black & Latino male incarceration needs to
be addressed from various angles. First is education. There is correlation between incarceration and dropout rates. I support the Re-Engagement Center and will seek increased funding to maintain and expand the center. Second is the lack of employment opportunities. I will work to establish programs that combine education and job training as preventive measures. Utilizing existing community programs and establishing new business partnerships that will provide Black and Latino men alternatives to crime. Third is substance abuse and mental health. We as a community must address our health issues. Many of our incarcerated Black and Latino men are substance abusers. I will fight for more intervention programs rather than incarceration. I will work with Suffolk County Sheriff and the courts to establish and support such programs